Fettig was one of the “hands-on” volunteers who helped place and finish the concrete pads for the demos. Then, placing a template over the fresh concrete, he broadcast colored glass aggregates in the open areas to start the patterning. When the demos opened to the public and the concrete had attained a minimum 4000 psi compressive strength, he used an angle grinder to engrave a star shaped compass pattern into the concrete. Next he began the grinding process—first with a 30/40 combination grit, then a 60/80 grit, followed by 100-, 200-, and 400-grit polishes. Afterward he and assistant Forest Scott applied solvent dyes within the engraved pattern lines to add color to the design. He finished the work with 800- and 1500-grit polishing steps, an application of a stain shield, and a burnishing step to add more shine.

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