John Sellers
Bryan Haraway/Getty Images John Sellers

John Sellers says his company is a full-service concrete contractor, though most of its revenue comes from decorative projects. He says they have come through a winter with heavier than usual snowfall resulting in little outside work, but he thinks the outlook for spring is good in his area. He wants to market more countertops and interior floors.

His demo was multidimensional, building a wood-frame bar along one side of his slab, casting a reinforced bar top on the ground, and lifting it into position the next day. Then he applied a ¼-inch-thick overlay to the top of the counter, imprinting it with a wood pattern. Afterward the wood texture was stained and sealed with polyaspartic polyurea resin.

Sellers coated ¼-inch-thick panels with epoxy mixed with bronze and gold metallic powders and then attached them to the vertical faces of the bar. For the floor area, he applied a stipple trowel finish using overlay cement, sanding off the highest stipple the following day. Then the colored work was sealed with polyaspartic polyurea resin.

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