Kristi Hughes & Cathy Richardson
Joe Nasvik Kristi Hughes & Cathy Richardson

Kristi Hughes is an interior designer and fine arts painter. She designs anything from furniture and lighting to kitchen cabinet hardware. Regardless of the type of project, her focus is always line, design, and color.

Cathy Richardson is a fine arts painter and does decorative concrete work, especially microtoppings. She and Hughes constantly experiment with different materials and love the unpredictability of concrete, which often will produce “happy accidents.”

Together, they chose to do an interior vignette. Using concrete microtoppings as an art medium, they used crushed glass and iron filings as a resist and oxidizer with an acid stain. They hand stenciled a design using a water-based sealer with earth pigments for a subtle faded pattern.

They constructed an area rug in the center of their slab by masking areas and applying microtoppings in stages in order to layer the pattern. The remainder of the design was drawn on using the topping in a squirt bottle. A large beetle was drawn using a wooden skewer and microtopping. The coloration included earth pigments, shellac, concrete dyes, and alcohol. They also skimmed two hollow core doors and drew patterns with microtoppings, creating an Asian-influenced wall piece (not shown).

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