Before trying to remove stains, study the general principles and methods that make success possible, particularly the use of bandages and poultices. Those have been discussed in the first article in this series which appeared in the June 1986 issue of Concrete Construction. This article gives the supplemental information necessary for removing specific kinds of stains. The stains mentioned are:

  1. Oil, drying (linseed, soybean and tung)
  2. Oil, lubricating and petroleum
  3. Paints, shellac and varnishes
  4. Perspiration
  5. Pink stain from plywood or joint sealants
  6. Rainwater runoff
  7. Terrazzo floor stains
  8. Tire skid marks
  9. Tobacco
  10. Urine
  11. Wax, discolored
  12. White fading of surface
  13. White residue (silica) after acid etching
  14. Wood stains