Mike Todd
Joe Nasvik Mike Todd

When Mike Todd was 19 years old he worked for Brad Boman, who invented stamped concrete, on the J. Paul Getty art museum project. After forming his company, he decided to do all types of concrete work, learning to do it in the best way possible. Today he installs residential foundations, flatwork, steps, and a range of decorative techniques. He is doing precast concrete work, artificial rockwork, shower stalls, countertops, stamped concrete finishes, staining, and exposed aggregate finishes.

Todd decided to build a cast-in-place concrete countertop with an integral concrete sink. “Precasting a sink and countertop doesn't require the level of concrete craftsmanship skill that cast-in-place does,” he says. So he brought a kitchen cabinet to the demo, added supportive bracing to help the cabinet carry the extra weight, and built formwork that wouldn't deflect under the pressure of the fresh concrete. Wherever radii occurred, they were included in the forms—matching tool radii. He used a white portland cement countertop mix and hand-rubbed all the finished surfaces to remove any trowel markings, giving the work a soft appearance. The counter portion of the work was stained afterward and everything was sealed with a satin-finish polyaspartic polyurea resin.

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