While the bottom line for any construction company is to make money, there are other bottom lines that also matter. The so called triple bottom line includes profit, but also people and the planet. The people aspect isn’t just your employees but also being a part of the community in which you live and work.

A sterling example of that was the ASCC/DCC-sponsored community project on the south side of Chicago last week at the Roseland "Good News" Day Care Center. Volunteers, some local, others from around the country, installed a beautiful decorative concrete floor for Ms. Pearl who offers free day care to inner city children so their mothers can work and so the kids have a stable environment. The project was led by ASCC’s Todd Scharich with the more than able participation of Rachel Bruce (Floormap Stencil Designs), Rick Lobdell (Concrete Mystique), and Neil Roach (Creative Construction by Design), among others. The design was a seascape complete with clams, starfish, a turtle, and an octopus—the kids will love it! For photos, go to our Facebook page by clicking here.

Tell us about some of the things you do to support your community. We’ll collect the best stories in an article for the magazine.