Nancy Jones
Joe Nasvik Nancy Jones

Nancy Jones got her start doing faux finishes on concrete and plaster. But today, 80% of her work involves micro-overlay toppings on concrete. Most of her projects are floors, countertops, shower stalls, and tile. She says that bonding primers on the market now make it possible for her to install her finishes over other materials, even ceramic tile. One of her goals for the upcoming season is to find other manufactured products for simulating finishes—one curiosity being granite finishes.

For her presentation at Artistry in Decorative Concrete, Jones first troweled down an integrally colored microtopping with additional silica sand over the entire slab. Then she adhered a custom stencil graphic featuring tigers. Next she began the process of dry brushing overlay cement into open areas of the stencil, adding a bonding agent with color. She started with light colors and finished with darker ones. After the stencil was removed, the work was sealed with an acrylic sealer, “washed” with a water-based colored sealer to bring all the elements together, and sealed with an additional three applications of sealer.

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