Neil Ohmie
Joe Nasvik Neil Ohmie

Neil Ohmie and his brother-in-law, Erick May, formed their company to do both commercial and residential work. They waterproof parking decks; install tank linings, decorative sandblasting and engraving, and overlay topping work; do diamond polishing; construct concrete countertops and shower walls; and epoxy coatings including vinyl-chip floors. Ohmie says they will do anything decorative.

At the Artistry demonstrations, he laid out a ring in the center of the slab, engraving the lines with a hand-held tile saw featuring a diamond blade. The center of the circle was diamond polished to a 3000-grit finish and stained with a black acetone dye. The area was stained and buffed with a black dye driven with acetone. Then, using a needle scalar, they engraved lettering through colored water-based stains. Outside the ringed area they installed overlay cement, providing a wood-grained pattern with brooms and brushes. Bottle caps provided the stamping tool for printing knot holes in the wood pattern. They scored the joints between wood planks with a tile grout remover tool. The skull and flames were air brushed using pigmented urethanes. The work was sealed with water-based sealer. Ohmie adds that the coolest part of the demos was having people refer to him as an artist.

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