A new concept has been developed to provide the esthetic appeal and durability of Venetian terrazzo, using application procedures as simple as those employed in thin-set terrazzo floors. A revolutionary feature, however, is that the resulting floor weighs only 1.5 pounds per square foot compared to 30 pounds per square foot for Venetian terrazzo several inches thick. Abrasion resistance of the Venazzo floor is claimed to be over twice that of marble. The Venazzo flooring system uses marble-like chips available in a wide selection of carefully controlled variegated colors which provides consistent color control of aggregate not possible with marble terrazzo. The aggregate is formed into 18 inch square panels using adhesive film sheets. The panels are bonded to the subfloor with a thin resin base. Various thin-set resins may be used for both bonding and grouting the new floor. Resin adheres well to the low porosity chips and many resins in several colors are available to complement the variegated colors of the chips. After grouting, the floor is ground smooth with conventional terrazzo equipment. The new flooring may be applied to any sound, dry substrate except asphalt and other petroleum-based subfloors.