The Concria sleeking system allows you to polish a new or existing surface without the need for heavy grinding machines. Using a 6-step process, Concria discs are strong enough to expose “salt and pepper” and polish up to the equivalent of a 3,000 grit floor, leaving a glossy and hard, easy to clean, durable surface.

In the fall of 2013, the Concria system was utilized on a convention center in Finland using one power trowel. The job was completed in just two weeks with a total of 90,000 ft2. The speed and efficiency of the system is far superior than that of traditional grinding and polishing. Concria allowed polishing of about 8,000 ft2 per day.

The Concria discs, which snap onto standard brown stripping pads about a dozen at a time, are 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) in diameter and 10 millimeters thick. The diamonds for both grinding and polishing are bonded with a rigid resin. The strong resin helps increase the longevity of the discs.

The system performs by utilizing the down-pressure from either an auto scrubber, swing machine or power trowel along with water to cut and polish the surface. The six-step process also includes an application of lithium-based densifier along with a guard to finish.

The Concria Trowel Polish system was 1 of 20 companies to be for the innovation prize at the last BATIMAT Exhibition in Paris, France. This is similar to the World of Concrete here in the United States.