Nick and Gigi Relampagos started a decorative concrete company after working in IT for a mortgage company. Most of his business involves sinks, countertops, and fireplaces, but he's beginning to get more work building conference tables and furniture.

For their project, they designed and built a lounge chair with very clean lines. To design the shape, Relampagos asked his wife and children to sit on buckets so he could design comfortable angles. Then he built a form using 3/8-inch “wiggle wood” (wood laminate with a rubber membrane in the center) to form the contours and a glued-on plastic laminate for the casting surface. First he sprayed a mix of cement, sand, and water with a hopper gun to ensure a smooth finish, followed by several layer applications. He used bone-colored glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) to fill the form. Then came a layer of fiberglass skrim, another layer of GFRC, installing heating coils, another GFRC layer, a skrim layer, and finally a layer of cement and sand for finishing.

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