One World Theater Plaza
Location: Austin, Texas
Contractor: Concrete Nickel, Austin, Texas

Spanning more than 10,000 square feet, this project combined spray-on concrete, staining, and scoring. Bright vivid colors of aqua, purple, orange, and reds create a unique lotus-like motif design and a sunburst shape on the outer area of the project space. Working with the existing expansion joint cuts, the main design was created using a giant compass-like device to layout and etch the designs. Stencils aided the application of the various colors of stain. Contractor Neal Nickel chose manufacturer colors for the base shades, but hand-mixed the brighter shades to his preference.

The intensity of the color was controlled by first applying a white polymer cement topping with a spray gun and blending it with the existing gray concrete. This created a lighter and dimensional appearance for key areas like the tips of the lotus flower and sunburst. To create a shadow behind the flower shape, a darker stain was used.

The project was completed in stages over a period of a year due to the schedule of concerts and events.