The manufacturer of a new imprinting tool described the tool's speed and ease of use by saying it was as easy as broom finishing and twice as fast as pattern stamping. The tool consists of a hollow aluminum cylinder, having either a brick- or cobblestone-patterned relief, and a detachable bracket that can receive any standard bull float handle. To roll the cylinder across the slab surface, simply push it using the float handle. Using several float handles attached end-to-end allows rolling the cylinder across a wide slab without having to walk on fresh concrete.

Pattern rolling requires little skill or training. After floating the concrete surface, wait until bleedwater disappears then cover the surface with 1-mil-thick plastic sheeting. Mark the tracking pattern of the cylinder before rolling to help the operator keep the cylinder in alignment. Depending on weather conditions, rolling can begin about 30 to 45 minutes after floating the concrete. Although the cylinder can be pulled as well as pushed, the pattern will be more consistent if you pull the cylinder in one direction. Before the concrete surface has completely hardened, remove the plastic sheeting. For an extremely smooth finish, wet broom the concrete surface after removing the plastic.