Lundy and Lookinland partnered for this project: Lundy on the backsplash and Lookinland on the countertop. But they worked together on all aspects, as it provided an opportunity to play with ideas that were more creative than practical.

Lundy carved the Southwestern-themed backsplash mold in a piece of 2-inch rigid-foam insulation using a Dremel tool. They filled it with multi-colored integral colored concrete.

The upside-down counter was precast using the “hand-pack” method of placing concrete—pressing stiff concrete into the mold one handful at a time. This process provided the opportunity for color variation and gave them more control, especially on the sink's vertical faces. They also added colored glass to the surface of the mold. After demolding, they diamond polished the counter to an 800-grit finish using dry pads. A vacuum connected to the angle grinder polisher provided the dust control. They completed the look with an application of solvent acrylic sealer cut with additional solvent to “pop” colors without providing additional shine.

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