Quality Systems, Inc. (QSI) announced its new Become a Dealer Online! program available on the PERMA•CRETE website. Dealer prospects can now become PERMA•CRETE Dealers by taking QSI’s Surface Installation Video Course online, or continue to attend QSI’s regular Product Demonstration Class in Nashville for new Dealers, at their choosing.

“We know these instructional videos will provide a convenient and informative way for contractors worldwide to become new PERMA•CRETE Dealers while also allowing existing Dealers to train and retrain their installers. In fact, all of the installation videos have been compressed for cell phone viewing, and Dealers and their installers can even view the videos at their actual jobsites,” stated QSI’s President, CEO, George A. Henderson. The videos cover vertical as well as horizontal surface applications, including tile & brick patterns, decorative surfaces, template designs, multiple colors and even pool interiors.

The PERMA•CRETE product line, which is distributed in the U. S. and 70 foreign countries by over 1,000 Dealers, includes cementitious bag mixes, epoxies, urethanes, acrylic sealers, caulks, surface cleaners, strippers and bonding additives. Its exclusive bag mix products have gained considerable recognition in the past twenty-three years as premium resurfacing materials that are used in the commercial and homebuilding industries and for vehicular and pedestrian traffic areas, even including interstate highway bridges and airport runway surfaces.

PERMA•CRETE is an acrylic polymer cement compound of over 6,000 PSI compressive strength that’s applied over concrete, masonry, aggregate, foam and steel, and provides an architectural surface of unusual strength and flexibility with twice the overall strength and endurance as that of standard concrete. It’s extremely resistant to stains from oil, mildew, salt or water as well as to industrial chemicals, and equally withstands freeze-thaw cycles, intense heat and ultraviolet sunrays. The sealed and non-porous PERMA•CRETE surface, available in virtually any color or design, provides easy maintenance with normal household cleaning agents.