At an installation price comparable to conventional three-layer stucco, the PermaCrete system is one of the toughest, most durable coating products available.

One of the primary reasons for the product’s strength is it contains 70%-100% more portland cement coupled with a proprietary bonding agent. Most other plaster and synthetic stucco products contain little, if any portland cement.

The PermaCrete vertical system is comprised: of a Matrix Mix (polymer modified cement), which is mixed with a proprietary bonding additive that increases durability and adherence; fiber mesh; and a sealer that can be clear or tinted. It can be applied by hawk and trowel or spray gun to many substrates, including concrete, masonry, foam, steel, stucco and aggregate. Use of the product helps a contractor accumulate LEED points due to the fact that is contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

The system is available in hundreds of colors-including color codes from major commercial paint manufacturers, as well as in various patterns and textures.

Jim Huffman, Owner of Concrete Rescue, Roanoke, Va., a company that specializes in repairing aged and damaged concrete surfaces, has seen PermaCrete’s toughness up close. He regularly uses it both for overlayment and vertical surfaces.

Huffman recalls a major storm with golf ball size hail that came through a local lakeside resort area several years ago. He was called in to inspect and repair any damage that might have occurred to one of the buildings.

“Every house exterior in the neighborhood was beaten to a pulp,” says Huffman, who documented the damage to various homes with his camera. However, he found only minimal damage to the single home clad in PermaCrete. “That house only had very small dings on the edges of the moldings around several windows,” says Huffman. He was able to complete the minimal repairs in little over an hour.

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