Q. I have been trying to research the use of sandblasting for decorative surface treatment of concrete paving in the northeast versus a traditional broom finish. Is sandblasting acceptable from a skid resistance perspective? We are considering it for an 8% ramp surface.

A. Sandblasting does not create suitable skid resistance for a sloped concrete surface. It also damages the surface of exterior concrete making it more susceptible to deterioration. If you want a sand blast look, I would recommend coming back with a sealer using some skid resistant additive: The original product of this type is SharkGrip from H&C Concrete Products. Several other manufacturers provide a similar product, including Proline Concrete Tools (Dura-Grip), NewLook International (Gription), Increte Systems (Shur-Grip), and Specialty Concrete Products (Poly Grip). These products usually include spherical plastic beads. "The smooth round shape keeps from wearing sealer as fast as sharp angular quartz," says SCP's Marshall Hoskins.