The goal of this project was to create a unique backyard surrounding, which was both useful and visually light. Stonetec, the contractor, designed a row of planters, 32 inches high in the front and 24 inches high for the back. The planters’ length was calculated proportionally with the yard’s footage.

“To make them unique,” says Iuliana Morar, president of Stontec, “we designed a wooden frame for support.” The frame was extended 6 inches in the ground for anchorage. On site, they designed and created a shell out of cement board panels. The shell was covered with decorative concrete, Wallspray from Surecrete, in a two layer application. The color was only applied with the second layer. “To obtain a sophisticated, yet industrial look, we applied a trowel finish on the second layer,” says Morar.

Once the concrete was set, the shells were inserted on the wooden frames and attached with screws for solidity and geometry. Cedar panels linked the concrete planters, achieving a visual harmony of materials, textures, and finishes.

Other design elements in the project included metal panels with cutout poetry and slate slabs, engraved with DEVA, the company’s portable floor engraver.