There is a real need to sell the advantages of concrete for driveways. But why should the homeowner or housing developer spend up to twice as much for a concrete driveway when he can obtain an asphalt drive for less money? It is necessary to spell out the advantages of a concrete driveway, its longer life, its lasting good looks, its long-term economy, its skid resistance, and its low maintenance. Also, when attempting to sell a concrete driveway emphasize the decorative versatility of concrete. There is considerable variety available in finishes for concrete surfaces. There is the conventional broom finish in which a stiff bristled broom is drawn transversely across the fresh concrete slab. Longer lasting, more pronounced designs can be achieved by imprinting designs into the partially hardened surface of the concrete with a stamping tool. A most attractive concrete surface can be achieved by exposing decorative aggregates. Some ready mixed concrete producers offer integrally colored concrete which can be used to cast attractive driveways. And finally, these surface texture and coloring techniques can be used in combination with remarkable effects.