Randy Meredith has been with Perfection Plus for the last 25 years. Five years ago, he and his partner, Chris Bullock, helped launch and manage Perfection Plus Concrete Polishing Systems. The focus of their company is diamond polished floors, both industrial warehouse flooring and decorative polished work. This work often uses stencils with dye coloring to create patterned work.

Meredith started by diamond polishing his slab, first with 80-grit and 150-grit metal-bond tooling, then going back to 100-grit followed by 200- and 400-grit resin-bond tooling. Next, he applied stencils to place five different dye colors. Then he used three stencils, each positioned with the use of registration marks to ensure that succeeding stencils would be in proper alignment with each other. They placed different colors on each stencil.

With the coloring process finished, the slab was densified with a lithium silicate and polished to a 1500-grit finish. They finished the slab by applying a stain-guard lithium-based penetrating sealer and a burnishing treatment with a diamond-embedded maintenance-type strip pad.

The idea to do a Pratt & Whitney logo came from Meredith’s first career as an aircraft mechanic servicing the company’s engines. He was surprised to meet a journalist from Pratt & Whitney at the demos and was interviewed for an upcoming company newsletter.

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