In 1956 Bill Stegmeier, president of the Stegmeier Corp., Arlington, Texas, developed a powdered release agent which not only provided the release between texturing tools and plastic concrete but also imparted colored highlights and antique effects to decorative finishes. Now 80 years old, Stegmeier says he originally developed the product for use with their "Cool Deck" process. He added, "I hold 102 patents for things we've invented over the years, but I didn't patent this process." He also developed a wood-texturing stamp, which simulated wood plank patterns 12 inches wide and of varying lengths. In 1976 he granted the Bomanite Corporation a license to use his invention and several years later sold them the rights.

Today there are many companies that manufacture and sell decorative concrete supplies, including powdered release agents, based on Stegmeier's invention. More recently several manufacturers also have developed liquid release products that do the same job without the messy cleanup associated with powders.