Concrete stain
Chromastain is an environmentally friendly stain designed to add color to new or existing concrete surfaces. It is a nonacid, water-based stain that penetrates into the surface, improving the appearance of concrete floors, without covering up existing natural qualities, textures, and variations of the surface. It can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. McKinnon Materials Inc. 866-622-7031.

Acid stain
Ideal for interior floors, the Chrome-Etch acid stain system creates soft, variegated, earth-tone color shades on cured concrete surfaces resembling the look of natural stones and patinas. The stain is available in 10 colors; the surfaces can be waxed after application for a high gloss and easy maintenance. Specialty Concrete Products. 800-533-4702.

Sink molds
The ThermoFormed molds offer a no polish finish and are clear, allowing the user to see if the concrete has consolidated and produced a quality piece before they begin the demolding process. The mold forming system can be used for various designs. PreiTech Innovative Forming Systems. 877-413-6767.

Stainless concrete
NuCrete is a stainless concrete used for countertops and sinks without the need for coating the surface with epoxy-like materials. It will maintain its finish through the years, even in commercial environments. It is available in 24 natural and designer colors, and can be custom ordered as well. Sonoma Cast Stone Corp. 877-939-9929.

Green heating
Nuheat is an electric floor warming system that warms concrete, tile, stone, laminate, and engineered wood floors. Its 1?8 in. low profile minimizes floor height increase, and its Energy Star rated 7-day programmable thermostat can be used toward LEED certifications. It can be custom made to fit any room and is available in both 120 V and 240 V formats. Nuheat Industries Ltd . 800-778-9276.

Recycled roofing
Made of post-industrial recycled rubber and plastics, 10-in. Majestic Slate tiles replicate the look of standard slate tiles. They provide protection from hail, driven rain, and high winds. Easy to install, they are available in nine standard colors and can be used in conjunction with the company's 12-in. tiles. EcoStar. 800-211-7170.