Lobdell’s Master’s of Fine Arts degree in painting and background in construction prompted him to work for a decorative concrete company. Four years ago, he bought the company and changed its decorative offerings to a more creative focus. Most of the work involves engraving and color shift epoxy. He creates original designs for each project and seeks clients who want to be more artistic.

At the Artistry Demo, Lobdell used epoxy coloring techniques to create a 3D graphic of a koi fish—lending visitors 3D glasses to see the full effect. He started by applying a “ground color”—a dark color under the fish and a light blue color for the surrounding water. After drawing the graphic on the background colors, he added different colors to each element of his work to give near and far appearance. He says he placed some contrasting colors next to each other so they would provide extreme color changes and “fight” with each other. This causes a person to focus on the intersections.

Lobdell used “dye grinders” with diamond bits to cut the pattern into his work. Few decorative contractors use this tool, but he says it’s very useful.

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