While these are many causes of highway accidents, both human and mechanical in origin, the number of accidents attributed to skidding and hydroplaning vehicles can be reduced. This can be done by improving the skid resistance of concrete pavement by surface texturing. The most common method of surface texturing to improve skid resistance is burlap dragging. In one project by an Ohio contractor, two layers of 10 ounce burlap were dragged directly behind the slip-form machine just before the straingtedging operation. This was followed by two layer burlap attached to a bridge. Finally, four layers of burlap were attached to the curing and texturing machines to provide the finished texture. Brooms used to provide skid resistant textures usually are either steel bristle or coarse bristle made of various other materials. Better textures are produced by mounting the broom at an inclination away from the direction of texturing rather than vertically. Grooving of plastic concrete also has been used in conjunction with burlap dragging and brooming. On one project, the grooves were 2 inches on cent, and one-eighths wide, and slightly deeper than the texture produced by either burlap drag or broom. This method was not completely satisfactory, but new designs of equipment for grooving plastic concrete may prove more adequate.