Skudo USA, Inc., a supplier of temporary surface protection systems, announces two new product lines at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas.

The Skudo Tack-Mat product line offers the same non-slip, durable surface protection against foot traffic, debris, UV and machinery as the Commercial Skudo Mat line that’s been in the US market since 2010, with these key advantages:

  • Versatility: Tack-Mat adheres to the surface to be protected, but its stick-factor is gentle enough for it to be applied to sensitive substrates including fresh concrete, carpet, and rubber and easy enough to apply to vertical surfaces. Additionally, Tack-Mat is usable in below freezing temperatures to the hottest days.
  • One-Step Application and Reusable: Tack-Mat is a one-step, peel and stick application process. Simply peel off the backing and place the Mat where you need it. Sold in 535 sq. ft. rolls, Tack-Mat is ideal for commercial projects as well as residential jobs with smaller spaces to protect, such as entry ways, kitchen counter-tops and flooring, bathtubs and showers. When the job is done, Tack-Mat is peeled up and can be reused.
  • Superior Stain Protection: The Tack-Mat line is stain-proof against common construction site spills and stains, including chemicals and solvents. The pictures below show how even the Light Traffic grade prevents Motor Oil, Ink, Acetone and Diesel from penetrating through to the protected surface. The Tack-Mat also comes in Heavy and Medium Traffic grades offering stronger protection against impact,
    machinery, UV and spills.

Also being launched at World of Concrete, Skudo Glass Advanced is a protective film that guards windows, glass, balustrades, cladding and fittings. Glass Advanced protects against damages including cement, paint and stucco for 12-18 months. It is easily applied by spray or roller on-site or prior to transport, and, like all Skudo products, it simply peels up upon removal leaving the surface clean and damage-free.