Location: Grand Rapids, Mich.
Contractor: VanLaan Concrete Construction Inc., Dutton, Mich.

The Tree of Life is part of the patient drop-off area at the Spectrum Health, Lemmen-Holton Cancer Treatment Center. The heavy-stone texture mat resembles an overhead view of a tree. It has concrete that varies in thickness from 4 to 11 inches and is reinforced with one layer of rebar and two layers of wire mesh.

Parameters for the design required the surface to be colored and stamped. For the branches, VanLaan incorporated a mortar in an etched surface, stamping the area with a bark texture. The texture is heavier on the larger branches near the trunk and progressively gets lighter as it moves outward toward the smaller branches.

The slab itself has integral color and is stamped with rough stone texture, and a powder release was incorporated for accent.