An old faux tile finish had lost its sparkle—it had cracked and it was faded. The owners decided to upgrade the deck’s appearance and fix the cracks. They contacted us at Central Coast Waterproofing, Arroyo Grande, Calif. for the project.

We assessed the issues, provided a scope of repair, and agreed on a price.

The cracks were opened and examined. The old decks were plywood decks over low slope framed construction. A previous contractor had done a deck system and finished it in a faux tile pattern. The old decking system had cracked and the faux tile finish had faded badly. While there were no leaks yet, it was obvious the issues with the deck needed to be addressed. The seams of plywood were the cause of several of the cracks, but lots of sloping decks without reinforcement caused others.

Addressing the cracks

While the original plan for this project was to do just one deck of 350 square feet, the owners decided to add 2 other decks to the list. After further inspection, we found leaks and dry-rot, and ended up having to replace all four decks, approximately 620 square feet. A project of 6 to 8 days turned into a project of 20 work days. The main challenge however, was stamping the decks. The roof deck had to be done in two stages so we had room to clean up and mix as we couldn’t go through the house with stamp mats dripping release agent.

Once the cracks were repaired we turned to removing and prepping the old finish. We used our Blastrac DE-Z8 120 V shot blaster because we could carry it up the stairs to the rooftop deck and to the other decks off bedrooms and the living space. Shot blasting profiled the surface and 120 pounds of concrete was removed!

Next we overlaid the deck with Hill Brothers Chemical Co.’s “Desert Flex” exterior flooring system. This enhanced the deck’s water resistance and provided a base to begin our decorative work.

Appearance upgrade

We used flagstone templates from Universal Templates of Nashua, NH. We have had great experiences using these templates in the past, and the company is great to work with. We ran short on the template by 25 square feet, and the company was very accommodating and worked with us. The templates were laid out on four decks of varying sizes; Desert Crete texture was used with Pro-Line Roman Slate stamps to get the desired look.

We stained the decks using Life Deck water-based stains in the clay blend. Three applications got the look the client wanted. With the color done, we sealed the decks using Desert Brand CMFPS clear masonry sealer with two applications. This is our preferred material of choice for decks over living spaces because it offers us and the homeowner peace of mind with a factory warranty from a company that has been in business since 1928.

The decks look great and complement the client’s new stamped patio. Our client is happy with the deck’s new look and we were happy to get the job done right!