The Magic Trowel is a decorative concrete tool, designed to smooth the surface of overlay cementitious products. It’s capable of creating a fl awless surface, perfect for decorative concrete work. It turns simple concrete surfaces into works of art by fi nishing microtopping or polymer-modifi ed overlay surfaces rendered into different colors and textures using acid staining and epoxy coating. Polymer cement also can be applied to existing concrete substrates with the Magic Trowel in textured fi nishes and various patterns. Often the texture is knocked down with the Magic Trowel to more appeal. The Magic Trowel’s blade has a fl exible rubber edge cut on a 30-degree angle, taking the pressure off so it doesn’t leave trowel lines. The manufacturer also has made some improvements to the Magic Trowel: The thicker base of the rubber edge ensures there will be no tears on the blade. TexMaster. 800-852-8355.