Graduating from college on a football scholarship, Dombalis joined the Pittsburgh Steelers practice squad and then moved on to the Atlanta Falcons. But seven knee operations prompted him to find another occupation. In 2000 he formed his own decorative contracting company. Today, he and his business partner David Pugh strive to give their customers what they want, causing them to increase their decorative offerings over the years.

Dombalis wanted to create a football helmet graphic with the team logos he thought would be in the Super Bowl but the National Football League refused permission. Instead he turned to Krispy Kreme, whose corporate headquarters are in Winston-Salem.

The first step for his demo involved doing a light 40-grit diamond grind to prepare the concrete for work with epoxy coatings. Then he stenciled the company sign and engraved the “Hot Now” part of it, followed by acetone dye staining. Several applications of dye and colored epoxy followed. One involved injecting phosphorus-based epoxy in the “Hot Now” area to make it glow in the dark. He also over-sprayed inside the sign area with a glow-in-the-dark epoxy so the whole sign would glow in the dark.

A base coat of burnt orange epoxy to the background hues followed. He placed 100% solids “flood coat” clear epoxy over everything and used squeeze bottles to add sky color, working it in with rollers to push it into the flood coat. Then he dabbed microfiber mops into the setting epoxy to add texture. Finally, he applied metal finish epoxy to add contrast to the sky sunset color. He adds that some interesting opportunities are being discussed as a result of his demo.

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