Awards programs seem to be everywhere these days. I just finished judging the Tilt-Up Achievement Awards, ASCC is closing out the Decorative Concrete Council’s awards, Concrete Surfaces is in the midst of its Polished Concrete Awards, and even ACI has just announced a new awards program for concrete structures. Some question the value of awards, feeling that satisfying your customer and making a profit are the best reward. But I think awards are valuable to different parties in different ways. For the general practitioner, you can be inspired by the great work of others; award winners can use prizes as marketing tools, to prove the quality of their work.

For those who sponsor the awards, though, the value lies in recognizing companies in our industry that do exceptional work and the great projects that show us at our best. We need to take pride and spend time celebrating what’s exciting and beautiful about concrete construction. Hopefully some of that transfers over to the general public. In the end, everyone likes a little recognition.

So do you enter awards programs? Which do you think are the best?