DeWalt, Towson, Md., recently introduced HEPA dust extraction systems for its rotary hammer lines. The 3.3-lb. D25300DH attachment fits the company's L-shaped SDS hammer models D25303, D25304, D25313, D25314, D25323, and D25324. The 4.4-lb. D25302DH fits DeWalt's 28 V and 36 V cordless SDS hammers. Both attachments have built-in motors to keep dust-extraction performance high while drilling, and a two-second power-off delay allows dust extraction to continue after the drill is switched off. Their HEPA filters deliver 95% efficiency at 0.3 microns. MSRP for the Model D25300DH is $352, and available online for about $230. The D25302DH lists for $249, and it is not available online.