Unlike other fast-cure, low-odor polymer floor systems, Accelera's unique chemistry provides a working time that remains consistent throughout a broad range of temperature and humidity conditions - without the need to add high-VOC and high-odor solvents. For contractors, this helps to ensure a consistently high quality installation each and every time. By cutting cure times, flooring contractors complete installs within hours, not days.

For facility owners, the fast curing nature of Accelera means less downtime and interruption to revenue-generating business hours - especially those in 24/7 operation. And with its low-odor chemistry, in many applications businesses can remain open during installation.

Available in 12-solid colors for broadcast floors and for decorative options, Accelera Flooring Systems also include Dur-A-Flex’s standard vinyl and quartz blends and unlimited custom blends, making this line a go-to option for architects and interior designs as well.

The Accelera Hybrid systems feature the added benefit of high moisture tolerance, allowing installations on 5 – 7 day old concrete, a home-run for speeding up construction cycles.

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