• WorkMax INSIGHT is a cloud-based visual business intelligence solution for modern resource management with real-time visibility into true performance metrics. WorkMax INSIGHT allows you to maintain peak efficiency with all your labor, assets, electronic forms, service scheduling, dispatch, productivity and budgets anytime, anywhere, on any device. Unlike traditional BI, WorkMax is simple; yet powerful enough to handle the resource management for small businesses or enterprise organizations. With visual dashboards and map views, instantly know what’s going on with your projects, your people and your assets to make better decisions faster with rich media capture of video, photos, audio, sketches and annotations.

    WorkMax Insight connects your entire team to see critical business information on mobile devices and the back office anytime, anywhere with instant answers for what’s happening with your projects, customers, employees, assets, in real-time.

    See where your WORKFORCE is and who is working on what, from anywhere. Easily manage true labor results and activities without waiting on time sheets or making extra phone calls. All of your labor metrics that matter are accurate and up to date and available right at your fingertips.

    Company tools, equipment and ASSETS move around often and change hands regularly. At a glance, you can locate an asset and determine who has it and how it is being used. Assets can even be exchanged, assigned or transferred from one individual to another digitally, right in the field.

    See your labor and unit budgets update PRODUCTIVITY automatically, as it happens. As your team works, you will see their real-time productivity from anywhere. Knowing what is happening right now helps your team to be immediately responsive. Supervisors can quickly see where they stand on a daily basis, insuring greater profitability and improved efficiency.

    One complete live summary map shows a REAL-TIME view of operations, projects, workforce, assets and more. Knowing "What Is Happening Now" allows your team to make immediate adjustments, insuring operating peak efficiency.

    With WorkMax INSIGHT, collecting, building, and interacting with the analytics is intuitive and simple. No programmers or full time data analyst are needed. Quickly identify your best customers, most productive employees, best optimized assets, and better analyze organizational efficiency and more without manual calculations.

    WorkMax INSIGHT is part of the WorkMax Complete Suite Platform which also includes WorkMax FORMS, WorkMax TIME, WorkMax ASSETS and WorkMax SERVICE. The WorkMax Complete Suite is the only solution on the market that simplifies labor, assets, forms/documentation, service scheduling and dispatch with business intelligence insights under one platform with one app, one sign in and with one singular database for modern resource management.

    Benefits of WorkMax INSIGHT

    Manage Performance-Based Incentives

  • Address Cost Overruns Sooner
  • On-demand visual analytics at your fingertip. No programmers needed
  • No more manual calculations
  • Visualize and interact with your data on any device anywhere anytime
  • Find trends in what used to be disparate resource management data
  • Make more informed decisions with real-time analytics
  • Perform real time analytics from the convenience of their smart phone, iPAD, tablet, laptop or PC anytime, anywhere.

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