The patented Backsaver hammer drill attachment will forever change the way contractors and business owners view the investment into attachment tools and will substantially improve the manner in which workers operate hammer drills.

The use of the Backsaver hammer drill attachment is the solution to the traditional back breaking and time consuming task of drilling into concrete while in a bent over position. The simply ingenious Backsaver allows the user to drill into concrete slabs in a leading edge manner; standing up while drilling! It allows for easier, faster and more consistent, level drilling. Using the Backsaver hammer drill attachment requires less energy and permits application of more pressure while drilling due to the placement of the knee pad. The ground breaking Backsaver hammer drill attachment helps naturally absorb harmful vibrations generated from the hammer drill; reducing occupational hazards. The latest Backsaver, Backsaver 1.5, is compatible with twelve Dewalt hammer drills ranging from 1-9/16” to 2”.

Contractors and business owners continually look for new ways to increase productivity while maintaining quality. Because the use of the Backsaver hammer drill attachment tool allows the user to stand while drilling, it eliminates added movement and provides for more uniform, level drilling resulting in a higher quality job for the contractor and customer.  Since the user can apply more pressure with the use of the knee pad feature, causing a faster drill time, the outcome is a more cost effective operation for the contractor. Occupational safety continues to be a growing concern in the construction industry. Because the Backsaver attachment tool helps absorb harmful vibrations caused by the hammer drill, a contractor’s investment into the attachment helps protect against injury claims related to this occupational hazard while keeping the user safer. Back injuries account for a large number of insurance claims.  Considering contractors are well aware of the reality of rising insurance premiums and, often times, cancellation of policies due to such claims, the Backsaver is a wise choice to deter the strain felt by contractors from insurance hardships. Given the wider range of sizes, the new Backsaver Version 1.5 affords the contractor more flexibility with drill sizes.

The newest Backsaver, Backsaver Version 1.5, is now powder-coated safety yellow and has been adapted to work with more models of the Dewalt hammer drill. The complete list of models from 1-9/16” to 2” is listed below.

Spline Rotary Hammers:

Dewalt Hammer Drill Model

#D25553K 1-9/16”
#D25651K 1-3/4”

SDS Max Rotary Hammers:    

Dewalt Hammer Drill Model

#D25501K 1-9/16”    #D25761K 2”
#D25601K 1-3/4”      #D25762K 2”
#D25602K 1-3/4”      #D25763K 2”
#D25603K 1-3/4” 
#D25701K 1-7/8”
#D25721K 1-7/8”
#D25723K 1-7/8”

Adding the Backsaver Version 1.5 to a company’s inventory of tools proves to be beneficial for contractors and workers, as well.

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