The GSL 2 Surface Laser is the world’s first surface laser that quickly checks floor level and flatness with greater accuracy and ease. When it scans the surface, two laser lines come together when floor is flat and level and separate when floor is not level or flat. Flooring contractors can determine even surfaces, high or low spots in the floor with this laser more efficiently than traditional spot checking methods such as spirit levels, optical levels, rotary and line lasers. A target plate and RC 2 remote control with a working range of 60 ft allow users to remain close to the uneven spots for marking and examination, rather than having to stay near the tool to operate. With accuracy of 1/8 in. at 30 ft, the GSL 2 offers line visibility of 30 ft, increasing to 60 ft when used with the target plate. The tool also self-levels in 5 seconds within a leveling range of ± 4 degrees. It can be used with the four included AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries or with the company’s 12 V Li-Ion battery pack for up to 15 hrs of operating time, adding the convenience of a dual-power source to the user experience. Bosch Power Tools & Accessories.