• Tigerloc provides an ideal solution to an industry problem with insulated concrete assemblies. In the past, the options available for openings in concrete assemblies were either to line with treated wood or pay to have your insulation tapered. Treated wood does not provide a continuous insulation layer and creates issues with aluminum frames and fasteners reacting chemically with the treated wood.

    Tapered insulation is the other solution available however it comes at a high cost with a lead time. The tapered insulation does not effectively line the windows up with the insulation layer, so thermal bridging is created around openings.

    Tigerloc has key features that make it ideal for use in insulated concrete assemblies. The connectors on Tigerloc are flexible enough to allow for thermal differences between concrete and Tigerloc. As the connectors are only tied into the structural wythe, the fascia wythe is not locked into Tigerloc eliminating cracking associated with thermal movement. Tigerloc has been tested with window assemblies and has proven that it has holding power above 490 pounds per square foot.

    Tigerloc also carries an R-value which ensures that when you use Tigerloc on your projects you have met the energy code requirement for continuous insulation. (example ASHRAE 90.1)

    Tigerloc works with any standard wood working tools so you don’t need any special tools to install into Tigerloc. Research has shown that the install of window frames into Tigerloc is significantly faster than installing into concrete. In addition, when installing into Tigerloc, health hazards associated with generating silica dust are eliminated.

    Summary of key benefits:

    Cost and lead time of custom cut insulation eliminated, save up to 20% on insulation package for projects.

  • Ensures full compliance to energy code through continuous insulation.
  • Expedite project schedule on accelerated material lead times and door and window frame installs.
  • Reduce health risk exposure to workers on site.
  • Full separation of concrete wythes eliminates cracking caused by hard wythe connections.

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