Lift slab is essentially a technique for erecting building materials. It is particularly well adapted to use with site-cast concrete because concrete, above all other building materials, can be designed and molded to fit its requirements. Once the decision is made to employ this method, the main concern of the builder is to plan his construction procedures so that the crucial stage of lifting the structure into final position can be smoothly and successfully completed. Construction procedures using the lift-slab technique would vary with the size, height and type of building that is being erected. Nevertheless, the following basic steps would apply to all lift-slab jobs: one, place the foundation. Two, erect columns with special collar attachments. Three, construct the slabs on the ground, one on top of the other. Four, lift the slabs by means of hydraulic jacks placed on top of the columns. Finally five, connect the slabs to the columns by means of the collar device.