The 40-horsepower EH99 meets a growing demand for larger, air-cooled gasoline engines that deliver increased power for a wider range of applications. The engines are ideal for equipment like concrete polishers, riding trowels, utility vehicles, lawn mowers and ride-on blowers.

The EH99 is durable, low maintenance and feature heat-reduction technology. The engine is 999cc and feature heavy-duty connecting rods, large crankshaft bearings and three-ring pistons. The hardened exhaust valve and seats can handle high temperatures, improving engine performance, efficiency and overall life of the engine. Temperature sensors are located on the engine heads with an optional engine shutoff to prevent damage from overheating.

The standard four-cycle overhead valve gasoline engines feature a dual element air filter that protects the engine from dust and reduces maintenance. An optional Donaldson canister style air cleaner has an inlet pre-cleaner, which offers additional filtration.

The big block engines comply with all current EPA and CARB requirements and provide a viable alternative to diesel engines. Both engines are backed by Subaru’s 5-year limited warranty, the first and only 5-year warranty in the industry.

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