Ford has recalled nearly 271,000 F-150 pickup trucks in North America from the 2013 and 2014 model years equipped with 3.5-liter engines after an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed possible brake leaks. The number of cars that needed to be recalled dropped dramatically from the 420,000 predicted earlier this year.

Complaints of the break leak contained:

“symptoms of brake pedal going to the floor with complete loss of brake effectiveness, brake warning lamp illumination, and/or low or empty master cylinder reservoir fluid level with no visible leakage.”

Also as an airbag component shortage, caused by Takata-airbag recalls, has some automakers installing defective airbag devices. A Senate report reveals that a replacement part shortage has led manufacturers to simply ‘upgrade’ older airbags in 2.1 million recalled vehicles with the problematic Takata inflators.

Chrysler and ford announced the recall of multiple vehicles due to the Takata inflators:

Chrysler is recalling 2004-2008 Ram 1500, 2005-2009 Ram 2500, 2006-2009 Ram 3500, 2007-2010 Ram 3500 Cab Chassis and 2008-2010 Ram 4500 and 5500 Cab Chassis over concerns the airbag may rupture.

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