Good housekeeping was important to the owners of Lift Parts Manufacturing, Inc., in their now Elk Grove Village, Illinois, warehouse-office building. Co-owners Harry Kurlan and Dale Beecham of the fast growing parts supplier for all makes of lift trucks had made a careful study of housekeeping costs before commissioning the building of the 125,000 square foot structure. They could save money in the long run, they found, by initially investing more in a dust-free concrete floor. Utility and beauty were the goals. Lift truck and loading dock areas were to be red in color and surface armored to withstand heavy lift-truck traffic. Aisles and walkways were to be the same color as the lift-truck area but did not need as much wear resistance as the heavily used areas. Storage bin and parking areas were to be natural in color, yet still be dust-free. The office entryway was to be white with a black inset diamond pattern. A terra cotta red topping material, consisting of specially graded and prepared iron aggregate containing light and alkali-fast inorganic coloring pigments was chosen for the lift truck areas. This provided terra cotta colored concrete that would take the heavy traffic in these areas, while remaining dust-free and easy to clean. The metallic armored surface gives under traffic to with stand impact and abrasion of concentrated loads without wear and without developing ruts or gouges. The white entry areas were made using white cement in the concrete and applying a white floor hardener to the surface. The black insets were cast separately before installing the with concrete.