Join us for the start of something big! Concrete Construction and Scurto Cement Construction Ltd., Elgin, Ill., are currently conducting a field test to learn more about shrinkage and curling in warehouse floors. A 60,000-square-foot warehouse floor in Bartlett, Ill., was cast into 5000- to 10,000-square-foot sections in February 2009, each receiving a different concrete mix design. Naturally, curling and movement changes will vary with each specific mix design, and each is being profiled over the next two years to study curling. Using some of the latest technology to do the monitoring is part of the story too.

Attend the Concrete Construction Field Test Breakfast to learn the latest on this case study from the project committee: Allen Face, The Allen Face Cos., Wilmington, N.C.; Jack Gibbons, Concrete Reinforced Steel Institute, Schaumburg, Ill.; Howard Kanare, CTLGroup, Skokie, Ill.; Kevin MacDonald, Cemstone Concrete Products, Mendota Heights, Minn.; Greg Scurto, Scurto Cement Construction Ltd.; and Rick Smith, Structural Services Inc., Richardson, Texas.

Take a look at CC's Field Test page, where new information is posted every six months.