More a sculptor in concrete than a subcontractor of concrete facings, Ted Gratz of Florida, has developed techniques with a trowel, a knife, and color which have earned him contracts in every part of Florida's Gold Coast area. Use of simulated stone for facing building exteriors and such interior surfaces as foyers, planters, and fireplaces is not new, but Gratz has turned it in to an art form. Gratz starts from the standard stucco base applied to a building. In order to create an old brick appearance, a red course is then applied with a rough surface. Next the surface is scored and cut. Final colors are prepared in a thin concrete wash mix. Yellows, reds, blacks and whites applied over the base red add to the old brick appearance. More difficult than the old brick is coral or chaconne stone surfacing, where each piece of rock has to be built up individually and the surface pocked and holes dug to make it appear porous. Harder still is white marble because of so many applications are required- one to build up the surface, another as a wash coat for color, and a third of "diamond dust" for sparkle.