On large volume concrete pours, contractors can often combine different types of conveyors to solve concrete placing problems. Multiconveyor systems can place concrete at rates greater than 200 cubic yards per hour.


There are three conveyor types: portable or self-contained conveyors; feeder or series conveyors; and spreader conveyors. Portable conveyors carry a power supply and can be readily moved around a project. They generally are used for short reach or short lift applications. Feeder conveyors are used for long reach applications. Because these conveyors move large volumes of concrete quickly, they must usually be discharged into specially designed spreaders. Spreader conveyors are of either a radial or side discharge design. Radial spreaders are mounted on a pivot point so the conveyor can swing up to 360 degrees. Side discharge conveyors span the entire placement area and are particularly suited for deck pours. A traveling plow or diverter discharges concrete over the side of the belt.