Salty sea air made the rebar corrode in decorative precast concrete balcony facings of an 18-story coastal condominium in La Jolla, California. The facings cracked and spalled. To give the building a face-lift, the contractor had to: remove nearly 400 balustrades; repair the cast-in-place concrete balconies; and install new windows. There were many constraints. They included limited access to the building elevations, limited time frame, and the fact that all apartment units remained occupied and furnished during construction. These constraints eliminated the use of a mobile truck crane. Finally it was decided to use an industrial crane weighing about 6 tons on the roof. It could lower damaged balustrades to the ground and lift the new windows into place. The 8-inch-thick concrete roof could support it, and the crane's range of movement could handle a day's repairs with a minimum number of moves.