This new line of vacuums delivers very high suction while working on a light weight platform that is designed to be easily transported.

Pulse-Bac has introduced another new concept to the world of dust collection with their new line of HPLM (High Performance Low Mass) vacuums. What is HPLM? Put simply, they're vacuums designed to have the highest power to weight ratio available. The 3690, the first unit to be released in the line, delivers 690 CFM with 110" of H2O lift and weighs in at only 208 lbs, by comparison, that's about 70% lighter than most vacuums with similar suction power. The unique design utilizes a high strength framework of steel tubing to lighten the load, with a 3 motor power plant that produces the big performance numbers the unit touts.

The light weight and high CFM make the HPLM units are compelling, but they don't just offer performance, they're full of other features designed to make dust collection easier. One of the handiest new features is a wireless remote start function that lets you start the vacuum with a fob from up to 180 feet away. Everyone has wanted this at least once when they've turned on a tool just to see a cloud of dust erupt because the dust collector wasn't turned on. But it doesn't stop there, the 3690 is built on a larger version of the popular Revolution 360 bagger frame, allowing it to easily fit through a standard 36” doorway, and comes with a newly redesigned dump valve that can be used from a standing position and automatically closes after used. The dump valve uses the same Easy Empty system found on the 1000 Series Pulse-Bac bagger, but as an added bonus this one can also use the Longo-Pac endless bagging system. Plus like all Pulse-Bac vacuums the HPLM line uses the patented Pulse-Bac self-cleaning technology that redefined the standard for jobsite dust collection a decade ago.

"The 3600 offers an attractive package with a lot of convenient features that haven't been bundled together previously, especially not in a package that can be transported with such ease." said Marketing Manager Ben Kruse.

CDC Larue.

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