When you look at us, you see a company that moves dirt. But the reality is, when it comes to innovation, we’re equal to, if not more advanced than, the tech world. We created 1,100 patents in 2013 and have almost 8,000 active patents today for lean methodology, lean manufacturing and additive manufacturing and 3D printing.
Doug Oberhelman
CEO, Caterpillar Inc.

Through innovation, the construction industry has gone way beyond moving dirt. As the economy continues to recover, there is a growing demand for machines that cost less to operate while still meeting production and versatility requirements.

Most recently, OEMs have introduced innovative technologies and features that boost fuel and overall operating efficiencies. Caterpillar has introduced a wide range of fuel-saving features in our equipment. So, whether you’re looking for a permanent addition to your fleet or a rental for the next project, look for these fuel-efficient features:

POWER-DENSE ENGINES By improving power density, we can give you higher performance in a lighter-weight package, which translates into better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Thanks to advanced electronics, some machines are programmed with an optional shutdown feature that stops the engine after a pre-determined period of idle time, saving fuel and reducing emissions. Running a machine in economy mode when the job allows reduces maximum engine speed and cuts fuel usage by as much as 6%.

AUTOMATIC ENGINE IDLE SHUTDOWN ECONOMY MODE We put a standard lock-up clutch torque converter in some models—and made it optional for others—so you can meet aggressive production goals while saving fuel.

LOCK-UP TORQUE CONVERTER As the largest vertically integrated manufacturer in our industry, we’re able to design the entire power train as a single optimized system that delivers high performance, long life and great fuel economy.

INTEGRATED POWER SYSTEM LOAD-SENSING HYDRAULICS Load-sensing hydraulics cut fuel consumption by automatically directing the right amount of flow to the implements based on operating conditions. They also reduce heat generation for extra fuel savings.

ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM Save fuel without sacrificing performance with an innovative hybrid system that lets you capture and store excess hydraulic energy, then use it later in the work cycle.

SYSTEM-DESIGNED LINKAGES, BUCKETS & WORK TOOLS When the working end of your machine is designed as a total system, the result is a wheel loader or excavator that fills its bucket faster, for quick cycle times and excellent fuel efficiency.

ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC JOYSTICK CONTROLS Intuitive, easy-effort joystick controls help operators—even those with less experience—work quickly and efficiently while conserving fuel.

PRODUCTIVITY & EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Whether your goal is higher production, lower costs, longer component life, better fuel efficiency—or all of the above—our systems give you the data you need to benchmark performance, set improvement goals, measure progress and achieve results.