What does a ready mix producer do when he finds that the compressive strength of concrete he has delivered drops off to an unacceptable level- and for no apparent reason? When the problem first areas, the producer contacted his state association's managing director to see if the problem was general to the entire industry in his area of if it was simply a problem experienced by his own operation. Together with the Association Executive, they decided that the Association should query all producers members with a confidential inquiry. Copies went out to all member producers, and within a week it appeared that a substantial number of members were having a strength problem, and the replies indicated that the problem appeared to be in the testing procedures. Further indications revealed the problem was not confined to one particular market area or testing laboratory but was common to several of them and was being experienced by equally competent and responsible producers. Additional research into testing procedures divulged that no one testing laboratory could be held responsible for the problems, since a number of reputable firms in several different areas. Most of these firms, however, had employed inexperienced temporary summer help who were not experienced with accepted procedures. Generally speaking, the testing laboratories were somewhat lax in their procedures. They were no sampling properly, their storage and transportation of samples left much to be desire, and inadequate control was being exercised in the sample curing process. After a considerable amount of study and deliberation on the most efficient method of eliminating the problem of improper testing procedures, the Specification Committee prepared a testing Procedure Report form. The producer is thus furnished with a valuable tool he can use personally as a guide to make certain his product is being tested according to accepted standards. The use of the form also serves as an incentive to outside forms who perform the tests to be more mindfull of the procedures set forth in the ASTM Standards.