One of the most dramatic and photogenic utilizations of hyperbolic paraboloid shells undertaken to date is the Scioto Downs racetrack grandstand. The use of five grandstand roof shells provided the designers with a means to create a structure which combines spectacular appearance with the lowest possible maintenance cost. The shells tilt backward 12 feet from the front edges, which rise 65 feet above the track. The concrete in front of the 36 inch diameter reinforced concrete columns is 5 inches thick, while that in back of the columns is only 4 and one-half inches thick. Stiffening is provided by two main ribs, one in each primary direction. These taper from a maximum thickness of 25 inches at the center to about 12 inches at the edges. Edge beams measuring 20 and one-half inches in height and 16 inches in width extend around each shell to control corner deflection. Additional stabilization for each shell is provided by a concrete post which is tied to the grandstand frame 24 feet from the rear edge.