Ligchine International has introduced their newest Laser Leveling Screed machine, ScreedSaver MAX. The ScreedSaver MAX features a Kubota 35hp Diesel motor with 4 wheel stability including proportional front wheel drive and rear wheel steering. MAX's undercarriage spins 90 degrees allowing you to drive parallel to the pour for high speed production. The 12.5' (3.8m) wide screed head combined with 16' (4.9m) boom reach results in 200 sq ft/pass or up to 8,000 sq ft/hour (743m2) depending on site variables and truck scheduling.

ScreedSaver MAX also includes the world's only remote control radio system; a one piece plow/auger/vibrating screed head that is installed by 2 men in less than 5 minutes; and a leveling system resulting in World class FL numbers whether operating on grade, slope or dual slope.