The Double-Ended Power Bits enable the use of two unique tips from one bit for increased productivity, and an optimized Shockzone geometry which provides up to 30X longer life versus other power bits.

Made of Custom Alloy76 Steel and heat treated for maximized wear and shock resistance, the new Double-Ended Power Bits feature a unique Shockzone geometry to absorb peak torque and prevent breakage.

In addition, each Precise-Fit Custom Machined Tip prevents stripping and reduces wobble. The new 2-3/8-in. Double-Ended Power Bits include a variety of bit tip configurations, including: PH2/SQ2, PH2/T25, PH2/SL-1/4, and T20/T25. Both ends of the bit lock securely in impact drivers and quick-change chucks.

The new SHOCKWAVE expansion also includes enhanced Socket Adapters and Magnetic Bit Holders. Redesigned from the ground up, the new Socket Adapters and Magnetic Bit Holders now feature an optimized Shockzone for up to 30X longer life and both are made from proprietary steel and heat treated to control hardness.

The SHOCKWAVE Magnetic Bit Holders feature a powerful magnet allowing for a secure hold of fasteners and a c-ring to hold the insert bit. The two-piece construction of the holders is the optimal assembly for the toughest jobsite applications.

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